Taking Care of Our Lake

How YOU Can Protect the Quality of Water in Eastwood Lake:

Attention Boaters: Whenever your boat has been in another lake, pond, or river, it must be hosed off to prevent introduction of invasive plant material, or aquatic life like mussels or fish eggs, into Eastwood Lake.

Avoid Aquatic Exotic Invasives in Your Gardens: Please plant only friendly aquatic plants in your water gardens, and do not dump the contents of an aquarium into the lake. There are noxious forms of plants and algae that are very destructive. Learn more about invasive plants on our website: http://lakeforestassociation.org/reference.html

No Foreign Fish: Please do not release fish from your aquarium or water garden, or from other lakes or ponds, into our lake. Introducing these fish can throw off the balance of species in our lake and harm our fishery.

Lawn Care Tips that Help Our Lake:
• Do not over-fertilize. Prior to fertilizing do a soil test. Free sample kits are available, or they may be purchased from local vendor. The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services provides free soil analysis for NC residents.
• Alternate each year, using fertilizer one year, and lime the next.
• Use “lake margin” fertilizer formulations that do not contain phosphorus or phosphates. Phosphorus and Nitrogen are the nutrients of concern. Chances are it is unnecessary to fertilize with phosphorus or potassium and only nitrogen need be applied, and if done appropriately, you can prevent any nutrients from entering the lake. Farm Suppliers, like Southern States, sell nitrogen and potassium separately.
• “Water in” your fertilizer, and do not fertilize before a predicted rain.
• Use herbicides and pesticides sparingly and do not allow residue to run off.
• Share this information with your lawn maintenance or landscape contractor.
• Make sure to use erosion control whenever grading or improving your property.

Pets: Keep animal waste away from the lake margin. Some studies show that pet waste is the number one contaminant in urban water bodies.

Wildlife: Please do not feed the turtles or geese. Geese are a major contributor to bacterial contaminants in our lake.

Thank you
The LFA Board