Park, Lake, and Forebay



In case of emergency call 911.

Use of the Park: The LFA Park is at the end of South Lakeshore Drive. The Lake and Park are not public and open only to fully paid members of the LFA and accompanied guests. Please respect the rights of those in homes surrounding the park.

Park Hours: Dawn until Dusk (for everyone, including all members).

Prohibited Areas: The following areas are hazardous. They are not open to anyone, at any time, including members or their pets.  No one is permitted to enter them except authorized persons. 

●     Forebay: The forebay pond and grounds, both groomed and not groomed, are located on the corner of North and South Lakeshore Drives.

●     Dam : The Dam near the Park, as well as the rocky slope behind it.

Security: The lock combination is available to paid members only. Keep it confidential. Do not disclose the lock combination to anyone except licensed drivers in your immediate family. Lock the gate, rolling the combination to a random setting after entering and leaving the park.  

●     Annual dues should be paid by April 1st.  The new lock combination will be sent to all members current on their dues in May.

Staff and Staff Hours: Staff help with park management and general safety. They are not lifeguards or babysitters. The Lake will be staffed on weekends and holidays from May 9 through June 14, and daily beginning in early June 15. Starting June 15, staffed hours are: Weekdays and Saturdays: 10 am to 8pm, Sundays: Noon to 8 pm. The last staffed day of the season is scheduled Sunday, September 27.  The schedule may be adjusted according to use, weather conditions, and staff availability. Audrey Green serves as Park Recreation Director. (

●   Please sign in with LFA staff at the main gate when you arrive. 

Children: Children under 12 must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.  Adult caregivers are responsible for their children’s behavior and safety, even when LFA staff is on duty. Non-swimmers must be accompanied in the water and within arms reach of a responsible adult at all times.

Guests: Any guests of LFA members need to be accompanied by their host. 

Groups: If you wish to use the Park with a group of 14 or more, complete the online booking form and email or deliver to the Park Recreation Director at least one week in advance to make a large group booking. Group bookings cannot be made for most holidays and the weekend immediately prior to the first day and the last days of school for the Chapel Hill public schools. If in doubt, please contact the Park Recreation Director to determine if the Park is open for group bookings.

Prohibited: No alcoholic beverages, glass containers, or smoking. No fireworks, firearms, air pistols etc. No bicycles and motorized vehicles on the grass area of the Park. The LFA Board reserves the right to suspend the use of the Park to members and guests for offensive language, inappropriate behavior or dress, or failure to obey rules or staff direction. 

Lake Hazards: The Lake, with a size of 48 acres, is not only much bigger than the largest of swimming pools, but has varying depths with drop-offs within and outside of the roped area, some to more than 16 feet. Visibility in the Lake, even in shallow areas, is significantly poorer than in swimming pools. Staff cannot see individuals underwater.  There are many underwater hazards in the lake, including standpipes, rocks, stumps, cinderblocks and pipes. No jumping or diving from the retaining walls along the beach.

Floating Docks: No horseplay, running, or pushing people off of docks.  No swimming under docks. Flips and back dives prohibited. Watch out for other swimmers.

Boats: Watercraft must be removed from the Park when not in active use, or securely stored on a rented rack. Boats are not permitted inside roped swim area, near the floating docks when swimmers are present, or on floating docks. Water may not accumulate in craft. No gas powered or other internal combustion motors are allowed. Battery-powered electric trolling motors are OK, subject to size limitations.

Boat racks:  All boats in the boat racks must be securely locked.  Racks are available to LFA members for an additional fee. Contact Neal Bench ( for information on availability.

Parking: Please walk, boat, bike, or carpool to reduce traffic. No vehicles beyond the upper parking area except for drop off. Vehicles with accessible parking placards may park in the designated area. If the driver is not the individual in need of accessible parking, please return the vehicle to the upper parking area after drop off.

Fishing: Catch and release is preferred for all fish. Please refer to fishing policy on the LFAwebsite and posted on the lake bulletin board if you wish to fish. Only members with lake privileges and their accompanied guests may fish in Eastwood Lake. This applies to all parts of the Lake.

Dogs: All dogs must be well socialized and on leash unless on the designated dog beach (near the boat racks), where dogs may access the Lake for swimming. No dogs permitted on sandy beach or on floating docks at any time or on lower level when staff is on duty. Pick up and properly dispose of all dog waste.

Storm Policy: In the event of an electrical storm, all swimmers must exit the water and leave the waterfront. If 30 minutes has passed without any further lightening, thunder or heavy rain, then the staff may resume duty. Otherwise, the staff may leave the Park for the day.

Care of Lake Reminder: Please remember not to dump any contents of household aquariums into Lake, including plants or animals.  If you have used your boat in other bodies of water, please rinse it before using it again in the Lake.  The introduction of foreign plants, fish, or algae could be very destructive to our lake’s ecosystem.

Water Quality: In general we can expect the water quality of Eastwood Lake to be good. Tests are scheduled for May, July, and September. For information about the water testing schedule and how to interpret results visit the LFA website, and check the LFA park bulletin board for announcements. To protect yourself from lake-borne bacteria, please exercise the following precautions: Be alert to news reports of sewage spills, especially into Booker or Cedar Fork creeks.    In case of contamination, avoid the water. In case of a heavy storm, fecal matter from geese and other waste washes into the Lake so refrain from using the lake for at least three days afterwards. Other contaminants might include giardia, which can pass to humans via water. Practice safe hygiene, rinsing off after spending time in the lake and promptly drying the ears.

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