Documents: Minutes, Group Booking, etc.

While these are not the official records of the Lake Forest Association, our members might find it useful to have these documents online for their reference.

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October 2018 General Membership Meeting Documents

  • CAS proposal pros cons assessment.pdf
  • Interview Guidelines.pdf
  • Management Assessment Timeline.pdf
  • October 1 Q and A agenda.pdf
  • RFP FINAL.pdf
  • Self Management pros cons assessment.pdf
  • TOWNE proposal pros cons assessment.pdf

    Past General Meeting Minutes

  • Annual Meeting Minutes Nov 2017

  • LFA Board Meeting Minutes

  • Board Meeting Minutes January, 2017
  • Board Meeting Minutes February, 2017
  • Board Meeting Minutes March, 2017
  • Board Meeting Minutes April, 2017
  • Board Meeting Minutes May, 2017
  • Board Meeting Minutes August, 2017
  • Board Meeting Minutes September, 2017
  • Board Meeting Minutes October, 2017
  • Board Meeting Minutes Dec 4, 2017
  • Board Meeting Minutes Jan 31, 2018
  • Board Retreat Minutes Feb 25, 2018 Board
  • Board Meeting Minutes April 4, 2018
  • Board Meeting Minutes April 25, 2018

  • Other Documents

  • LFA Articles of Incorporation This document is the legal foundation of the association. It states the purpose of the association, establishes the board of directors and by-laws, and limits political and legislative activities.
  • LFA By-Laws These are the operating instructions of the LFA.
  • LFA Financial Policy This document describes the controls and review of the association finances.
  • LFA Disclosure Statement to Realtors, Sellers and Buyers
  • LFA Initiation and Fees Policy This policy shall govern the determination of any initiation fees or annual dues by the Lake Forest Association Board of Directors.
  • LFA Introduction - 8/27/2003 - This is a very large file (73MB) with lots of color photos, artwork, and information about Lake Forest.

  • Forms

  • Group Booking Form — Use this form to request use of the park for your group.
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