The LFA sends out at least two mailings each year. Invoices and statements are mailed in late winter or early spring. Those paying their annual dues are subsequently sent via e-mail the lock combination for the LFA park gate. In addition, all members are invited to the annual membership meeting, usually held in November.

LFA Board News emails
The LFA uses email to reduce the costs of mailing, and to provide more timely communications. To provide your email address, send an email to

If you think that you may not be receiving LFA emails, please check your SPAM folder in case your filter is not allowing the receipt of LFA messages. This seemed to be a problem particularly with addresses.
This website is a primary means of communicating with our members. You can visit here regularly to keep up with what is going on. If you send your email address to, you will also receive emails when new website articles are posted.

Membership List
If you are a participating LFA member, you can download a membership file with many e-mail addresses.

The LFA Backyard Fence
The LFA Backyard Fence is an email listserv for two-way email communication. Only members and associate members can join. You can reach over one hundred of your Lake Forest neighbors with a single email. They can also reply, and their reply will go to all subscribers to the list, enabling a neighborhood discussion on any subject of interest.

To Join the List
There are two ways to join.

  1. Go to the group home page on Yahoo, and ask to join. This will give you full access to the group website. For example, you can search and view previous emails sent via the listserv. It’s a little more trouble, but this gives you more features. Do join this way, go to
  2. Join via email. This will allow you to send and receive emails, but you will not be able to log into the group website. To join this way, send any email to

I’ve joined. How does it work?
After you have subscribed to the list, any email you send to the email address will be forwarded to everyone who has subscribed. If you reply to a message from the listserv, that reply will also go to everyone on the list.

Again, note that when you reply to a BYF listserve message, you reply to the whole listserve. If you want to reply privately to just the person who sent the message, you need to send them a separate individual message, using their personal e-mail address, if available.

The Fine Print
Only Lake Forest Association members and associate members may join the listserv. Membership must be approved by the list moderator.

  • The listserv should not be used for commercial purposes. In other words, don’t promote your business on the listserv. Emails to sell your house or personal property are fine, however.
  • Please include a subject in your emails to the list.

The Inevitable Disclaimer
The usual: all opinions expressed on the LFA Backyard Fence are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Lake Forest Association, its board of directors, or its membership as a whole.


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