Fishing and Dog Rules

Fishing Rules

Catch and release is preferred for all fish. However, you may keep the following fish (but only if you intend to eat them):

  • Any bream (sunfish) or catfish.
  • At most two bass per day, and only if they are longer than 14 inches, but shorter than 20 inches. Large bass are the most prolific breeders which ensure the continuation of our lake’s bass population.
  • Do not keep any grass-carp or any fish that you cannot identify.
  • Bring a ruler (required if you intend to keep any bass), fish scale and camera to document your catch.
  • Do not fish with live bait minnows (they are exotic to our lake and we want to keep them out). Artificial lures, worms, night-crawlers or crickets are all acceptable. Do not use fish as cut bait.
  • Only members with lake privileges and their accompanied guests may fish in Eastwood Lake.
  • This policy applies to all parts of the lake.

  • Dog Rules

    Pick up poo.

  • No loose dogs allowed in the park from 3 –7 pm weekdays, or noon - 7 pm on weekends & holidays in summer.
  • No dogs permitted at all in the lower level park (even on leash or tied up) when the LFA staff is on duty.
  • Upper level: Dogs must be on a leash when the upper level is in use, and during staffed hours.
  • Lower level: Dogs must be on a leash during heavy use, no dogs allowed on lower level during staffed hours.
  • Access for swimming dogs is next to boat racks. No dogs in the beach area at any time or on the floating docks.
  • Dogs must be attended at all times and dogs off leash must be socialized and under voice control.
  • Only bring your dogs to the park if you are prepared to clean up after your dogs.
  • Rules updated as of May, 2011.