Boat Storage Rules

Eastwood Lake Park Boat Storage Rules

The Lake Forest Association (LFA) maintains 90 boat racks at Eastwood Lake Park for the use of LFA members to store canoes, kayaks and paddle boards. These racks are available for annual rental through the LFA. All boat storage inquiries can be made to: The LFA Board of Directors has established the following rules for the system of storage and management of private vessel(s) stored at Eastwood Lake Park. These rules will go into effect on April 7, 2018 and are subject to change by the LFA Board with prior written notice.

  1. Boat rack rentals are only available to LFA members and associate members whose annual dues are paid in full.
  2. Boat Rack assignments are made on a first come, first served basis. LFA maintains a waiting list and will notify applicants as spaces become available. Boat rack spaces do not convey with a property and are not transferable.
  3. The annual boat rack rental fee is $125 per year to be paid per annual invoice. The owner of any vessel stored at Eastwood Lake without collection of annual rack rental dues or membership dues will be contacted to remove the vessel. If the vessel is not removed within 30 days of written (email or mailed letter) request of removal, it will be removed by the LFA and donated or discarded.
  4. All boats stored at Eastwood Lake Park must display an official LFA boat sticker. LFA vessel stickers with unique identifiers for boat owners and their vessel rack location will be issued for each paid in full current storage rack renter in the Spring of 2018 AND subsequently to all new rack renters as their fees are paid. LFA Boat storage stickers must be prominently placed on the forward right exterior sidewall of each vessel stored. Any vessel without an approved LFA boat sticker will be donated or discarded. As a courtesy, LFA will provide notice through the LFA listserv prior to the donation or discarding of a vessel, but reserves the right to do so without notice.
  5. ONLY CANOES, KAYAKS and PADDLE BOARDS may be stored in the boat racks at Eastwood Park. No other items may be stored or chained to racks (for example: no oars, life jackets, or coolers).
  6. Each storage rack rental space may contain ONLY: one multiple seat vessel (Canoe, Tandem Kayak) no longer than 16 feet per rack OR one or two single seat vessels (Kayak, Paddle Board) under 12 feet. NOTE: Vessels other than standard canoes or kayaks require prior approval by Boat Manager. Boat rack renters MAY NOT store a multiple seat vessel with any other vessel AND MAY NOT store more than two single seat vessels per rack.
  7. When not in use, all boats must be properly stored in their designated racks. For proper storage, boats must be stored: upside down (to prevent rain water collecting in them) AND secured to both posts of the storage rack — one side secured with a locking device of vessel owner’s choosing.
  8. All boats stored at Eastwood Lake must be stored and securely locked in LFA racks. No boat may be left unattended on the ground, dock, walkways, roads, parking lots; tied to trees; or moored in Eastwood Lake. Boats found stored in any location other than in LFA storage racks will be donated or discarded. As a courtesy, LFA will provide notice through the LFA listserv prior to the donation or discarding of a vessel, but reserves the right to do so without notice.
  9. LFA is not responsible for damage or loss of boats for any reason, including (but not limited to) accidents, theft, vandalism, animal activity, natural disasters, and non-adherence to LFA boat storage rules. Boats are stored at their Owners’ risk.
  10. The LFA does not own boats for the use of LFA members. All boats within the park belong to individual LFA members and may not be used without the express permission of the LFA member and in accordance with these rules.

Version date: April 25, 2018