Boat Policy

Please help us properly manage the use of boats at Eastwood Lake.

  • You must rent a boat rack, or take your watercraft with you when you exit the park. The boat racks are reserved for renters only.
  • To rent a rack, contact the Boat Rack Manager via email at or find other contact information on the Activities & People page. He or she will let you know the yearly fee and if a rack is available. If you decide to rent a rack, send a check to the LFA mailing address .
  • Renters, your boat must be locked in its assigned space. Unlocked boats are a safety issue.
  • Store your boat in a manner that will prevent the accumulation of water. Water is a breeding ground for mosquitos, and may damage the boat racks. Secure your boat to its rack tightly so that it stays on the rack in case of wind or storm.
  • Please do not boat in or near the swimming area or near the closest floating dock.
  • If you decide that your boat is no longer desired and you are not interested in the selling or removal process, feel free to contact the LFA Boat Rack Manager and LFA will take care of its removal at a minimal cost.
  • If you put your boat in other fresh water bodies, thoroughly wash your boat before bringing it to the park, to prevent unwanted plant or animal life from entering Eastwood lake.
  • Any of the following situations may result in the LFA locking a boat, claiming it as LFA property, and disposing of the boat as the LFA sees fit:
      • A boat left in the park, but not in a rented rack.
      • A boat left unlocked, whether or not in a rented rack.
      • A boat stored in the wrong rack.
      • An unpaid boat rack fee. An invoice is mailed each spring to rack renters.
      • Failure to cooperate with the LFA on resolving a boat rack issue.

        Electric powered watercraft are limited to one motor per watercraft which is designed for trolling use only including the propeller, with capability not to exceed 85 pounds of thrust nor 2 horsepower nor 5 miles per hour. Also, a no-wake rule applies to any watercraft in motion on Eastwood Lake, wherein “no wake” means no white water off the bow or sides of the watercraft.

        With your help and cooperation, boat use and storage at Eastwood Park can work well for all park users. Please contact the Boat Rack Manager with any questions about this policy, the use of boats on Eastwood Lake, or to report any boat issues.