Late season water test results are back to normal

3 October 2018

I took our final 2018 late season water tests on Tuesday Oct. 2nd  around noon:

#1                        Dock                        5 cfu
#2                        Cedar Fork Creek   4  cfu
#3                        Booker Creek         19 cfu

Caution level is individual reading above 400 cfu, or average above 200 cfu. CFU  = colony forming units per 100ml.

Lake water temperature ranged from 78-79F(26-26.5C). As in our last test, the cooler water was in the long “Booker Creek” arm of the lake between North and South Lakeshore Drives.

The SECCI clarity reading was 31 inches.  This is on the good side of normal.  The lake has cleared of debris and remained warm. This was one of the latest samplings we have taken since the period between Hurricane Fran (1996) and the commissioning of the Countryside sewage lift station (2004-2005).  At that time,  OWASA was doing our sample analysis in return for our collecting samples from the area downstream of that station.  The reason we took the late sample this year is that the lake has remained warm enough for swimming, and the last test, while OK, was not in the range of our normal results.  This result was definitely in the normal range.

The lake water was relatively clear and free of debris.  It is still about 1 inch above normal, and flowing over the full 100 ft. width of the spillway.  There is a little bit of debris accumulated at the dam, on the spillway, but none in the lake itself.

Chuck Henage

10.03.18 by Chuck Henage @ 8:15 pm
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