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24 September 2018

Hello LFA Members!

We are writing today to remind you of 2 important upcoming LFA meetings.

-Oct. 1 there will be a Q & A at 7PM at Expand Church (114 Weaver Dairy Road) to give members a chance to hear about and ask questions regarding the proposal to hire a management company to support the work of the board in managing LFA.

-On Oct. 15th, the Fall General Membership Meeting will be held at 7PM, also at Expand Church at which time a presentation will be made and a vote will be taken regarding this, in addition to the usual annual meeting business. Materials for both meetings will be sent out soon.

As presented at our general membership meeting on Monday, May 14, the LFA board, staff, and Management Assessment Committee (MAC) have focused on fulfilling our commitment to assess and to make recommendations regarding the most effective approach for management of our association.

Per our May 14thgeneral membership meeting, the LFA Board formed the MAC, which is comprised of board members and representatives from the members, to conduct a comprehensive management assessment and to recommend a management strategy to the LFA board and membership. MAC initially reviewed the results of the February LFA Board of Directors retreat, during which 5 key function areas of the LFA were defined and detailed. MAC then looked at preliminary proposals from 3 professional management companies that had been identified during earlier benchmarking, looked at best practices of professional management, designed an RFP (request for proposal), disseminated the RFP to the companies identified, conducted a Q&A of interested companies, reviewed their proposals, interviewed all three companies, and narrowed for consideration the number of companies to two. The MAC additionally assessed the option of continued self-management of LFA, with an internal, part-time manager.

Last week, the MAC provided the LFA board its recommendation for moving forward with the management of the LFA. The MAC has recommended that the LFA board and membership consider moving forward with a hybrid management model, under which administrative duties and tasks would be divided between the LFA board, volunteers, and a management company (in all instances subject to the governance and oversight of the LFA board, the LFA bylaws, and existing LFA policies and financial controls). The MAC has recommended to the LFA board that LFA enter into a one-year contract (terminable with 30 days’ notice) with one of the three companies interviewed in order to implement the hybrid management model. The LFA board has not yet determined whether to make this recommendation to the LFA membership and will not do so until after receiving and considering input from the general membership.

The next step in the process, therefore, is a member Q&A (hosted by the LFA and the MAC) on Monday, October 1 at 7pm at Expand Church (114 Weaver Dairy Road) for anyone interested in learning more about our process or who would like to ask questions regarding what we have learned or to learn about the management proposals that have been considered and the recommendation of the MAC.

Then, on Monday, October 15 at 7pm at Expand Church, the LFA board will host the annual general membership meeting for all participating members (dues and assessments paid in full.) In addition to other business, there will be a presentation and member vote on the board’s recommendation regarding management.

We hope to see you at both meetings.

An agenda and materials (including budget projections) will be emailed to all members no later than the Friday prior to both the October 1 and October 15 meetings.

Your LFA Board

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