Summary of July 9, 2013 LFA Board Meeting

13 July 2013

The LFA Board met on July 9, 2013.

Lake and Facilities:

During the dramatic storms of June 29 and 30, the flood was 28 inches above the top of the dam. The LFA staff were of great help in the clean-up. Debris may still need to be removed from the top of the dam.

Addressing and monitoring erosion control and storm water issues, including from upstream land development continues to be important. We continue to track the work of the Booker Creek Alliance and the Central West Steering Committee.

The park continues to get heavy use during the summer. Two new umbrellas have been added at the beach and seem to be working well. We are purchasing two new picnic tables. The dog sign is gone and will be replaced.
We now have 84 boat racks. It has been noted that several boats are either not locked or not actually locked to the rack, so that they can be pulled off the racks. This creates a safety problem with joy riders. Boat owners will be reminded that boats must be locked to the rack. We will work to secure any boats that remain unlocked.
Other matters:

We are looking for a neighborhood volunteer to maintain our website.

It continues to be important to LFA members to understand and to follow important rules for park and lake safety such as the following: checking in with and following the direction staff; refraining from smoking or bringing alcohol or glass to the park; registering large groups and parties. We will send an email out to LFA members reminding them of these rules. We continue to address a serious violation of LFA rules that occurred on June 7th.

We are glad to hear of several new LFA members, the result of several real estate transactions, and look forward to welcoming them to the park.

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