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1 March 2013

The amount of our Lake Forest Association annual dues was set at $200 over ten years ago. The LFA Board has approved an increase in our annual dues to $250. This will enable us to continue to balance expenses with income each year and to provide for a surplus to be used to help maintain the lake and the forebays as needed. Associate Member’s dues are also increased this year, to $350 per year.

Both LFA Member and Associate Member dues remains a very small amount for all the advantages accrued, especially compared to other community associations’ typical dues.

When you fully pay your dues and assessments, you are on our rolls as a Participating Member of the LFA. Only Participating Members can use the lake and park, and all the other assets, activities, and services of the association, and we hope to increase our member events this coming year. However, even if you feel that you may not use the LFA park or lake, your payment nevertheless supports your home property values, which are enhanced by being in Lake Forest, and your LFA properties-in-common. (If you do not pay dues and assessments, you are a non-participating member. and cannot take advantage of any facility usage, events (except for the Spring Social), or services provided by the association).

Although the LFA’s expenditures are drastically reduced by member volunteer labor, your annual dues covers ongoing administrative expenses, including communication and social events, the summer recreation program, and maintenance of the park and all LFA commons. Association dues are absolutely crucial to our ability to function properly and to meet our mutual obligations.

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