First spring 2012 water test results OK

30 April 2012

I took our first 2012 water samples Wednesday April 24, at 3:35pm.  The results were good:
#1        Dock                        17 cfu

#2        Cedar Fork Creek    15 cfu

#3        Booker Creek          26 cfu

Caution level is individual reading above 400 cfu, or average above 200 cfu.

Lake water temp was 18C/64F at the Booker Creek inlet, 19.5C/67F at Cedar Fork Creek: 28C/81F, and 18.5C/65F between the floating docks.

The SECCI clarity reading was 29 inches.

These test readings are low. The highest one was about 6% of the caution level.  At the beginning of my testing, what appeared to be four of five  cranes were on the far dock.  I am not sure that is what they were.

This test was taken one day after a rainfall.  Rain can alter the results but not always in the same direction. EPA’s suggested sampling guidelines recommend waiting 2 days .  I am out of town until May 7, so I wanted to have our first test results before the spring social and before the water is warm enough for people to swim for extended times.

I have seen comments posted on BYF  about plumes of bright yellow mud in the lake earlier in the year, presumably due to the mess they are making on Weaver Dairy Road.  Since the lake was recently lowered for maintenance, reports of soil erosion evidence predict a shorter than desired interval before we have to repeat that process. The clarity/turbidity was very normal after rain.  This is very encouraging.

I know a lot of people are pleased to see the diversity of wildlife we have at the lake. Putting food out is one way to attract  some “desirable” wild species, but it puts the lake at risk by introducing “exogenous” nutrients into the ecosystem.

Chuck Henage

04.30.12 by Chuck Henage @ 3:04 am
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