First 2015 Water Test, Off to a Good Start!

8 May 2015

We’re off to a good start for the new year’s water tests.  We are late starting the tests this season because it has been cool and rainy.  These samples were taken  Wed, May 6, just before 10 am:
#1                        Dock                        2 cfu
#2                        Cedar Fork Creek     less than 1 cfu
#3                        Booker Creek           less than 1 cfu

Caution level is individual reading above 400 cfu, or average above 200 cfu.

Lake water temp ranged from 22.5C/73F to 23C/74F.  The air was 72 deg./F when I began the tests and got up to about 78 in the sunny parts of the lake in the 15-20 minutes it took to collect the samples…So the surface water can become warm enough to wade and swim quickly on a sunny day.

The SECCI clarity reading was 25 inches on 4/29, 35 inches on 5/6.   The rain gauge was flipped upright  on 4/29 and had 0.8 inches on 5/6.  The lake surface was calm and glassy, with a light dusting of fuzz that resembles goose down at the Cedar Fork Creek end.

The water is very clear for this time of year,  generally the turbidity (cloudiness) is greater after a rain, and then it clears as the water from the tributaries slows and whatever was carried in or stirred up settles.  We have good flow over the dam, a steady “step 2”, as described in my last report last season.

I saw and heard a lot of goose, turtle, fish, frog, and even Blue Heron activity.

The docks definitely need a cleaning and the far one is about 20 yards southwest of its normal location, so I adjusted my sampling site for that.  I normally remind our new residents at this time of the year  to make sure you or your lawn-care provider is aware of and uses lake margin fertilizer formulation and procedures to minimize the algae bloom we normally get in June.  On that note, to assuage concerns about the 2+ gallons of bleach needed to clean up the docks and make them fit for human use.  Our lake contains roughly 83 million gallons of water.  While you may be able to smell  the chlorine from shore, a few gallons of bleach will literally be way less than “a drop in the bucket” in terms of its environmental impact on the surrounding water.

Chuck Henage

05.08.15 by Chuck Henage @ 11:24 am
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