Water test OK after heavy rainfall

25 June 2015

Our third, mid-summer 2015 water samples were taken Tues , June 23, between 8:30 and 9 am:
#1                        Dock                        10 cfu
#2                        Cedar Fork Creek    44 cfu
#3                        Booker Creek          3 cfu

Caution level is individual reading above 400 cfu, or average above 200 cfu.

Lake water temp ranged from 31C/88F to 31.5C/89F, very warm for this time of year.  The SECCI clarity reading was 42 inches, still unusually clear for this time of year.  The rain gauge had 3.4 inches of water in it.

At the time of sampling, the main bay of the lake and the Cedar Fork Creek inlet area had a lot of debris, leaves, and sticks floating on the surface,  The Booker Creek arm of the lake (long bay to the left of the park) was relatively free of debris.  I saw a flock of geese rotating around the lake ahead of me and there were plenty of small fish visible near the shore.  I didn’t observe any colored plumes of new silt.  The flow over the dam was at the second step and the lake appears to be “full”.

I took this test a few days sooner than I was originally planning to in response to  some concerns that I received about last week’s heavy rains.  I waited long enough after those rains in order to avoid measuring a top layer of water that was mostly fresh surface runoff.  The counts (results) were slightly elevated on the Cedar Fork Creek side indicating the heavy rain may have been localized to that side of the watershed.  The measured bacterial levels are nowhere near the threshold of concern.

I came to swim and kayak on the following day (Wed 6/24) and made the following observations:    Most of the leaves and debris (other than the large sticks) that I observed the previous day  while taking the samples were gone.  The lake water was still very clear, and it was HOT. On hot sunny days, the whole lake can heat up quickly at the surface.   The water gets cooler in semi-finite layers as you go down from the surface.  There are some upwelling springs in the lake straight out from the “dog dock”, about ½ way across the lake.  This area is generally slightly cooler than the rest of the lake.

Chuck Henage

06.25.15 by Chuck Henage @ 12:40 am
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