First 2017 Water Test is Good

20 April 2017

Our pre-season water samples were taken Wednesday, April 19, 2019 between 9:00 and 9:15 AM.  This is our first water test this year.

#1                        Dock                        3 cfu
#2                        Cedar Fork Creek   less than 1 cfu
#3                        Booker Creek          5 cfu

Caution level is individual reading above 400 cfu, or average above 200 cfu.

Lake water temperature ranged from 72-73F(22.5-23C).   The SECCI clarity reading was 37 inches, very clear for this time of year.  There was a light rain falling at the time of the test and what looked like a localized downpour at the Booker Creek forebay end of the lake.

These readings are good, averaging less than our last test last year.

The water temperature was 63F on February 15 while the lake was close to its lowest level, and the SECCI clarity was 23 inches then.  Last week, before the rain the lake temperature was 69 and the SECCI clarity was 49 inches.

Swimmers have been in the lake for 2-3 weeks so we conducted this  pre-season sampling to make sure everything is OK.  We take three regularly scheduled tests each year: the week before Memorial Day, the week before Independence Day, and the week before Labor Day.  We take additional tests when utilization indicates a need.  This may occur within a month before or after the regularly scheduled tests.  In the past several years we have regularly taken this pre-season sampling.  Less often we have taken late-September/early October samples if we have warm nights during that time.

Chuck Henage

04.20.17 by Chuck Henage @ 5:01 pm
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