Labor Day Water Test Results are very good

29 August 2014

I took our Labor Day  2014 water tests Tuesday August 26 around 9:00am and The test results are as follows:

#1                        Dock                        2 cfu
#1A                     Dock       less than  2 cfu

#2                        Cedar Fork Creek    13 cfu
#3                        Booker Creek          4 cfu

Caution level is individual reading above 400 cfu, or average above 200 cfu.

Lake water temp ranged from 26.5C/79F to 27C/80F

The SECCI clarity reading was 23 inches.

The rain gauge had 4.3 inches for an unspecified period ending on the day of the test.

These test results are very good.  Sample 1A was smaller than the others and 2 cfu is the practical lower threshold of detection.  The water has a faint muddy cast, probably due to the recent rains. Two of the samples had small bugs or spiders that were on the surface at the time of the test.  There wasn’t an unusual amount of debris on the surface.  Often at this time of year it looks like the lake has a dusting of goose down on the surface, I did not see any of that.

I took an extra sample because of a potential problem with sample bottles, but all of the samples were OK for analysis, so sample 1A just confirms the results of sample 1.

This is our last regularly water test for this year.  If the weather and the lake stay warm through the end of September and it looks like we’ll have swimmers in the lake in October, we will take one more test at the end of September.  We have not taken a September water test for the last several years.

Chuck Henage

08.29.14 by Chuck Henage @ 1:46 am
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